Dr. David Isen

- DDS, BSc -

Toronto, Ontario

Dr. David Isen’s dental clinic in Toronto, Sleep For Dentistry, is anesthesia-based, treating patients who require intravenous sedation or advanced techniques in local anesthesia.  Many of these people have special medical needs or are dental phobic.

He has given over 400 presentations around the world on topics related to the management of medical emergencies in healthcare settings, local anesthesia for dentistry and the use of sedation in dentistry.  He has lectured for many university continuing education programs, dental societies and conventions.


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This seminar will explore the reasons and solutions for incomplete local anesthesia. A discussion about the relevant anatomy and pharmacology that leads to incomplete local anesthesia will be presented. Techniques beyond the standard inferior alveolar nerve block and armamentarium besides the standard needle and syringe will also be evaluated.

Some of the topics to be explored include the Gow-Gates Block; articaine; intraosseous and PDL injections; methods of pain reduction during injections and local anesthetic and vasoconstrictor drug interactions. Finally, a discussion about new and improved local anesthesia-related products, delivery systems and the latest research will be presented.

Learning Objectives:

  • The reasons that cause local anesthesia to be incomplete.
  • Methods to achieve higher success in local anesthesia, especially in areas of infection or unusual anatomy.
  • Understanding the use of specific local anesthetics for specific situations.
  • Understanding local anesthetic and vasoconstrictor maximum doses for adults, cardiac patients and children as well as important drug interactions.
  • New products such as non-injectable anesthesia, a local anesthetic reversal agent, intranasal anesthesia and Computer Controlled Injection Devices.


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Monday, May 29, 2023, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. - room 511C

ODQ 2.5 units

ADA CERP 2.5 hours

AGD 010

RCDSO Category 2 = 3 CE points